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    Why choose Crazy Color?


    First, choosing Crazy Color means having an infinite range of colors available Want to get noticed at an event this weekend? Nothing could be simpler with Crazy Color semi-permanent colorings Choosing semi-permanent colors also has its share of advantages:


    The possibility of instantly changing colors Yes, Crazy Color stains disappear as you shampoo, and if you want to completely remove your color, the Back to base sachets will allow you to easily find your natural color
    Less fragile hair Crazy Color dyes are semi-permanent direct dyes that do not require opening the scales of the hair, which significantly weaken the hair But beware ! If you practice bleaching (with the Crazy Color bleaching kit) before using Crazy Color dyes in order to have a stronger color intensity, your hair will be weakened by this manipulation so treat them with appropriate care

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    Picture of Renbow Crazy Color Natural Black 5oz

    Renbow Crazy Color Natural Black 5oz

    Natural Black Hair Dye
    $8.99 incl tax
    Picture of Renbow Crazy Color Lime Twist 5oz
    Picture of Renbow Crazy Color Rebel UV 5oz
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